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My name is Lynne Taylor.

I have always been fascinated by animals and growing up on the Isle of Wight gave me the opportunity to observe animals in the wild, as well as having my own pets.  


My first degree was in Zoology at Oxford University.  A couple of years later I began a Veterinary degree at Cambridge University.  After qualifying, I initially worked in private practice in Hertfordshire, then moved to the New Forest and worked at Southampton PDSA for many years. 

My experience as a vet enabled me to appreciate how the behaviour of pets impacts on the lives of their caregivers and affects the relationship between them. In many cases the undesirable behaviour of a pet can involve stress for all concerned!  I also came to realise that the emotional health or our pets is as important as their physical health in determining their overall welfare. 

In recent years I obtained Distinction in the “Advanced diploma in canine behaviour management” and the “Graduate diploma in animal behaviour management” by Compass.

I am an accredited Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB) for dogs (and am working towards accreditation for cats), and Certificated member of the Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Counsellors (FAB Clinicians).


I am also one of the directors and the Student and Candidate Liaison for FAB Clinicians.

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