My name is Lynne Taylor.

I have had a varied career, nearly all involving animals.

My first degree was in Zoology at Oxford University where I was privileged to be taught by such illustrious biologists as Richard Dawkins and John Krebs.

After a short period working as a zoo-keeper (and bus conductor!) I began a veterinary degree at Cambridge University.  As soon as I qualified, I obtained a job in small animal practice and a few years later started working for the PDSA veterinary charity clinic in Southampton, where I largely remained until my retirement from clinical practice in 2019.

My interest in animal behaviour had started with the 'behavioural ecology' module of my zoology degree and it developed further as I observed the behaviour of our own rescue dogs and cats, one of whom developed behavioural issues as a result of being isolated as a pup on our farm during the last Foot and Mouth outbreak.  I was grateful to be able to seek the advice of a member of the 'Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors.'  This stimulated my interest in learning more about pet behaviour and training, but I had limited time while helping my husband to bring up our three children and run a small farm, as well as working as a vet.  As the years went by, I became increasingly aware of the problems some clients experience with the behaviour of their pets and the effect this has on the relationship between them and the welfare of the animals involved.

Every day of my 30 year working life as a vet provided me with an opportunity to observe the behaviour of the companion animals in my care and to learn how they communicate their emotions.

A few years ago I finally started studying animal behaviour in earnest by enrolling on two animal behaviour diplomas run by 'Compass' and passed both the "Advanced diploma in canine behaviour management" and the "Graduate diploma in animal behaviour management" with Distinction. 

On the training side, I volunteered for a year with the 'Hampshire Dog School' run by the Dogs Trust which holds classes for puppies, adolescents and adult rescue dogs.  I also help out at puppy classes run by a local private trainer.

I am currently working towards becoming a Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist and am a Candidate member of the "Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians" ( and a Provisional member of the "Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors" (  I am also the Membership secretary for the FABC.