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Vet referral

If you would like to refer a patient to me, you can download my referral form. The form and clinical history can be returned to me by email to

Behaviour problems are common among household pets, and can have serious effects on the pet-owner relationship and welfare of all concerned. It can be difficult for pet owners to know where to go to for help, especially as the pet behaviour profession is not yet fully regulated. As a vet, you can help by referring clients to suitably qualified and experienced behaviourists.


I only work by veterinary referral, so any of your clients who approach me directly will be advised to arrange a visit with you first. Medical conditions, particularly pain, often play a significant role in the development of behavioural issues, so it is important that pets receive a physical examination prior to a behaviour assessment.  Although I am a vet myself, I do not generally perform a clinical examination of pets referred to me for a behavioural investigation. This is to avoid potentially affecting their relationship with me, especially if they are anxious about handling. I appreciate that the temperament of some pets makes it difficult to examine them fully. In such cases, we can hopefully liaise about the observations we make in our respective consultations.

My service includes an initial consultation, and follow-ups as required. I also provide email and telephone support for 3 months following the initial consultation. I produce a comprehensive report outlining the factors contributing to the problematic behaviour of the pet and a plan to modify it.  I will send you a copy of the report and liaise with you as the case progresses. I would be grateful if you could inform me of any developments with the pet from your perspective, such as changes in their physical condition.

Data protection notice: Taylor Pet Behaviour Vet  will use personal data about this animal for the purpose of providing animal behaviour counselling services, as well as for our internal administration and management purposes.  We will treat all of this information in confidence and keep it secure.



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