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What I Offer You and Your Pets

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     I can help if you're  having problems with the behaviour of your dog or cat. I am based in the New Forest, near Southampton.  My consultations take about two hours and can take place at your home or on Zoom.  For 'in person' consultations, I cover an area within one hour's travel from Lyndhurst but can work with you by Zoom from anywhere

After the consultation, I will produce a detailed written report explaining why your pet is behaving as they do, and a plan of how to modify the undesirable aspects of their behaviour.  The modification of unwanted behaviour often requires a staged approach.  In many cases it is beneficial for me to carry out follow-up consultations to continue to guide your through the process and the management and training techniques involved.  



I work exclusively by referral from vets. Your pet needs to have had a recent medical examination before I see them and your vet will send me their past medical history. This is important because medical conditions can have a significant effect on behaviour. As a vet myself, I am well placed to discuss this with your own vet. I will also send your vet a copy of my behaviour report and liaise with them about any medical investigations and medications that may be beneficial for your pet. Please contact me for advice about obtaining a referral from your vet.

If you're concerned about the behaviour of your pet, don't delay! The more that animals 'practice' a behaviour, the more they are likely to keep repeating it.

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